Generates a target to run any command in the terminal


nx generate run-commands ...
nx g run-command ... # same

By default, Nx will search for run-commands in the default collection provisioned in workspace.json.

You can specify the collection explicitly as follows:

nx g @nrwl/workspace:run-commands ...

Show what will be generated without writing to disk:

nx g run-commands ... --dry-run


Add the printhello target to my-feature-lib:

nx g @nrwl/workspace:run-commands printhello --project my-feature-lib --command 'echo hello'


command (required)

Type: string

Command to run

name (required)

Type: string

Target name

project (required)

Type: string

Project name


Type: string

Current working directory of the command


Type: string

Env files to be loaded before executing the commands


Type: string

Allows you to specify where the build artifacts are stored. This allows Nx Cloud to pick them up correctly, in the case that the build artifacts are placed somewhere other than the top level dist folder.